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Christopher & Victoria

“Help to Buy has enabled us to buy a place we couldn’t have dreamt about affording without it. With a two-bedroom property, we are now able to make a longer-term home. We would definitely recommend the scheme”. 
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Lee Alvarez

“When the IFA advised it was affordable it was a great feeling and really lifted the bracket for what I could afford”.
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Kanchan & Jasmine

Kanchan and Jasmine had been privately renting before they purchased their property with the Help to Buy Scheme. The best friends had planned to move out to Dubai but that all changed when they decided they didn’t want to come back to renting.
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Laura Atkinson

Laura heard about the Help to Buy scheme through different forms of media, as it is widely advertised and all over the news and she decided to look further into it. The first step she took was to speak to a mortgage broker through a comparison site. She didn’t have much luck as the broker was able to advise her on affordability but didn’t know much when it came to the scheme itself
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JP & Chris

JP has been in privately rented accommodation for the last 15 years and with his partner Chris for the last 5 years. Without Help to Buy they would have been stuck renting for the foreseeable future, facing higher and higher rent bills. JP and Chris were struggling to find a property that was affordable and in easy reach of their work

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