Kanchan & Jasmine

  • Situation: Privately Renting
  • Location: Southwark
  • Date purchased: Jul 14, 2017

Kanchan and Jasmine had been privately renting before they purchased their property with the Help to Buy Scheme. The best friends had planned to move out to Dubai but that all changed when they decided they didn’t want to come back to renting.

Jasmine had heard of the Help to Buy scheme and told Kanchan about it, they had some savings for a deposit but definitely would not have been able to buy in London without the scheme. They had not been looking at all, so when they decided to; Help to Buy really confirmed their decision to stay.

“When we spoke to an IFA and found out that we could afford a property in London it was amazing, we were happy, we had roughly worked it out before seeing them, but wasn’t sure it was realistic”. 

They decided that the site Maple Court was perfect for them, the Developer Rushby Ltd are a small developer regarding Help to Buy properties, but a two-bedroom flat was perfect for them.

They felt very well supported throughout the process by everyone involved.   They did feel they had to chase for mortgage offers etc but were still happy with the level of service. “It was a brand-new process for us and we didn’t realise the extent of it but advice was always available and our questions were always answered”.

Kanchan & Jasmine moved into their property in July 2017. “We had our offer accepted in February and moved in by July, it was so worth it and such a good feeling coming home and knowing that you own it. We even celebrated our 1st and 2nd month anniversaries”

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“We had our offer accepted in February and we moved in by July!"